About Me

Who I Am

I am a Southern Californian, born and raised. I like love coffee. My mental age is somewhere between nineteen and twenty one. INFJ is apparently my Myers-Briggs personality type. I binge-watch television shows on Netflix. I binge-read books, too. I consume copious amounts of entertainment media. When I love things, I become engrossed in them. So, I am a proud fangirl. I blog. I write. I dabble in HTML and CSS. I occasionally build websites.



Feel free to get in touch with me.

You can visit my personal blog at fxckery.com. You can discuss Doctor Who with me at Black TARDIS or Critical Whovian. You can find my 3OH!3 fansite at starstrukk.net and my Gym Class Heroes fansite at upstate-kids.net. You can also find me on social media.