What This Is

Rawrrblog is a blog about everything and nothing. Things you may find on this site:

  • Books I want to read or have read.
  • Interesting imagery and artwork.
  • Movies and shows I watch.
  • Products I want to own.
  • Opinions and rants.
  • Beautiful people.
  • Music I love.
  • Etcetera.

This blog is a place where I’ll talk about my compulsive (over)consumption of entertainment media — in the form of books, film, and television — as well as my mundane day to day happenings. In addition to my opinions on things I read and watch, I may also feel inclined to discuss pop culture and current events. I may even be compelled to objectify beautiful people. I will definitely be compelled to fangirl over various people/things.

Who I Am

I am a Southern Californian, born and raised. I like love coffee. My mental age is somewhere between nineteen and twenty one. INFJ is apparently my Myers-Briggs personality type. I binge-watch television shows on Netflix. I binge-read books, too. I consume copious amounts of entertainment media. When I love things, I become engrossed in them. So, I am a proud fangirl. I blog. I write. I dabble in HTML and CSS. I occasionally build websites.

LOVE = Art. Blogging. Books. Gadgets. Games. Gals. Guys. Film. Freckles. Music. TV.

Re: Rawrrbot

“Rawrr” is for my inner-monster. (Honestly, stfu past-me.) Sometimes I feel like a robot wearing human skin — an android — I walk and talk like everybody else, but I don’t work the same inside. (Can I be more emo?) Update: It was cute when I came up with it. I’m too far gone to change it now.

Re: Blogging

Blogging allows me to vent. I don’t do it for any reason other than my own desire to express myself in the least self-destructive way possible. I post miscellaneous shit that has no cohesiveness or coherence; that is the way my mind works. I’ve described myself as a train wreck because I’m always off the rails and I rarely stay on track; my posts will reflect as much. If that interests you, feel free to explore my blogs, strike up conversation and/or give me feedback; I like comments. If you want to debate, let’s discuss it. Enjoy or get the fuck out!

Re: Everything else

You can contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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